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Becoming a Statutory Sub-National Transport Body

Following approval from Parliament, we became England’s first Sub-national Transport Body in April 2018.

The ability to create Sub-national Transport Bodies to plan and prioritise long-term infrastructure investment in a specific region was created by Parliament with an amendment to the Local Transport Act 2008 which was passed in January 2016. A proposal for us to become the first Sub-national Transport Body was agreed upon by all nineteen of the organisation’s local and combined authority partners before being approved by Parliament.

This landmark moment empowers the North to clearly communicate to Government its investment priorities. It also formalises our relationship with the likes of Network Rail and Highways England so we can inform their investment programmes based on the will of communities, passengers, businesses and decision-makers across the region.

This represents unprecedented devolution of power from Central Government to all corners of the North, allowing us to set our own agenda and work together to deliver a step-change in connectivity.

Our statutory powers allow us to:

  • Develop and implement a Strategic Transport Plan
  • Act as ‘one voice’ for the North, relaying priorities to the Secretary of State
  • Coordinate and deliver smart ticketing systems across the North
  • Become a statutory partner in road and rail investment decisions
  • Oversee (jointly with Department for Transport) franchised rail services covering Northern and TransPennine Express franchises
  • Construct new roads, with the agreement of Government and relevant highway and local authorities
  • Decide on capital grants
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