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Strategic Transport Plan

The success of the UK in the global marketplace, and the achievement of the Government’s Industrial Strategy, depends on the transformation of the economy of the North of England.

The economic gap between the North and the national average necessitates a radical change in the North’s economy, which is home to internationally regarded and highly productive assets, expertise, research and businesses.

The conclusions of the Northern Powerhouse Independent Economic Review set out the need to support growth of the North’s businesses and trade. Delivery of economic growth will require investment and improved performances in a number of critical areas, especially skills, innovation and inward investment, alongside transport infrastructure and services.

Building on the Northern Powerhouse Independent Economic Review, Transport for the North (TfN) has made significant progress in developing the case for strategic transport investment across the North.

TfN, with its Partners, is developing a Strategic Transport Plan and accompanying long-term Investment Programme, so that people and businesses can see a firm commitment to create a stronger, more diverse and resilient economy.

When adopted in 2018, the Strategic Transport Plan will be TfN’s principal policy document and the plan of the statutory body. The Strategic Transport Plan, and its supporting evidence, will inform how HM Government, Network Rail, Highways England and HS2 Ltd. can work with Partners in the North to deliver investment that can transform the economy.

A copy of the Strategic Transport Plan Position Statement is available by following this link.

Current programmes

Northern Powerhouse Rail

Northern Powerhouse Rail is our ambitious plan for a rail network that will provide fast, frequent and reliable links between the North’s biggest city regions and its largest airport.

Integrated and Smart Travel

Our Smart North programme will allow passengers to travel quickly and easily on public transport around the North. Our ‘tap-in, tap-out’ system will enable fast and stress-free payment with a ‘fair-price promise’ to ensure they’re getting the best value travel and a real-time journey planning system to keep passengers on the move.

Strategic Road Studies

We are working with DfT and Highways England to inform priorities for road investments in the North, from 2020 onwards. We are also working on three major Strategic Road Studies, looking at improvements to Northern Trans-Pennine routes, transforming journeys around the M60 North West Quadrant and the possibility of a Trans-Pennine Tunnel linking Greater Manchester and Sheffield City Region.

Rail Franchising

The Northern and TransPennine rail franchises are now managed in partnership between our sister organisation Rail North and the Department for Transport. This ground-breaking devolution decision is driving transformational investment in the region’s railways over the next five years. Once TfN gains statutory status in 2017, Rail North will become part of TfN.

You can view the main Rail North website here.

Freight and Logistics

Moving goods around the North is imperative to building a transformed economy. Currently, many of the goods destined for the North or exported from the North are shipped through Southern ports or airports. Transporting goods effectively into, out of and around the North would boost both sustainability and business.

International Connectivity

If the North’s economy is to compete on the international stage it needs direct links to the rest of the world. Our International Connectivity Commission has brought together business leaders to make recommendations on the air and port links needed to grow the Northern Powerhouse.

Transport Skills

Our Strategic Transport Plan has the potential to create close to a million jobs and £97 billion of added value in the Northern economy. The success of the Strategic Transport Plan in delivering transformational change will depend on the transport skills that underpin it. With the support of KPMG we have embarked on a broad review of transport skills through our stakeholder base to understand future skills requirements and potential gaps through to 2050. This work is vital to the delivery of our Strategic Transport Plan.

Our Spring 2017 Update Report provides further information on our current work programme and the progress to date, a copy can be found here

Challenges Ahead

The need to improve the North’s transport infrastructure is now well understood by our Partners. Our work is  focused on establishing the solutions needed and the most effective means of delivery. This requires Transport for the North to provide the collective civic and business voice needed to plan and secure the required investment.

Our objectives over the next 12 months are focused on the following:-

  • Delivering the Strategic Transport Plan and Investment Programme.  We will be undertaking initial engagement with key stakeholders on the evidence base which will be used to produce a draft Strategic Transport Plan and long-term, sequenced Investment Programme. The draft Strategic Transport Plan will be issued for formal consultation in Autumn 2017 and the finalised plan will be a statutory document when TfN becomes a Sub-National Transport Body.
  • Producing the final Major Roads and Integrated Rail Reports following consultation.
  • Publishing a final Integrated Sustainability Appraisal. This will ensure that Transport for the North meets all legislative requirements in producing the Strategic Transport Plan.
  • Commencing work on a programme of new Strategic Development Corridors for pan-Northern transport interventions, developing a Strategic Outline Business Case for each corridor that will benefit passengers and freight.
  • Further developing our freight and logistics transport analysis, identifying key priorities for investment and informing future programmes for the strategic road and rail networks.
  • Publishing a Single Integrated Rail Plan by the end of 2017, which sets out a programme to deliver Northern Powerhouse Rail, HS2, Network Rail enhancements and franchise commitments.
  • Completing the design of an Integrated and Smart Travel service, defining overall procurement and an implementation strategy. Continuing to promote the programme and securing buy-in from a wide range of stakeholders.
  • Incorporating Rail North into the organisation - When TfN becomes a Sub-national Transport Body, Rail North will merge with the organisation. Working with the Department for Transport, we will progress the management and development of rail franchises in the North.
  • Delivering our planned resource programme and implementing systems that will support our status as a Sub-national Transport Body.
  • Developing and implementing a stakeholder engagement strategy and plan that supports better ways of working with partners, local business and National Transport Bodies.
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